Bex NJ's Pet Project

Bex NJ supports cats in all their many shapes, colors, and sizes. Cats don't take any shit from anybody and yet somehow have worked out an arrangement where we clean up their shit FOR them - WTH?. Apparently they know what they are doing...

We have done our best to keep up with the needs of our local stray feline population. In the last few months we have fed 12 full grown cats and 6 kittens daily, had 1 cat spayed, taken 2 cats in to the vet for poor health, had 2 cats euthanized, and provided flea and worm meds for several others. Even so, the population keeps rising and we no longer can afford to continue caring for them all. Our plan is to set up a local feline sanctuary where all the local strays can have a place to eat, sleep, and have their health issues tended to. But we can't do this alone so we have no choice but to ask our fellow cat lovers to help with the costs.

If you wish to help us build our dream shelter please donate whatever you can afford using the PayPal button below. No amount is too small. Thanks a lot.

***Featured Feline of the Month***

Say hello to "Mo". Mo is the daughter of one of the hard-luck cats that inevitably show up on our home porch. The mother's growth was stunted and she had a genetic anomaly which made a large tumor protrude from the bottom of her front right paw which constantly oozed blood and pus (nice, right?) - in other words she was a mess. Apparently however one of the local male cats found her attractive enough to have a romp with her and that brings us to Mo. We can't bring her inside because we already have 3 indoor cats and that is our rental limit. But we have done our best to spoil her rotten. She is the sweetest little cat you will ever meet and if you think she would be a good addition to your family then please contact us using the information below.

Email us at one of the following email addresses using the subject "Mo":


Send a Facebook Message to either Jade Convolutevex or Troy Seelenfreund (They LOVE cats!)

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